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Unit 9 – Characteristics and Contexts in Media and Communication.

context and audience Unit 9 – draft 1

context and audience portfolio 1 – draft 2 2018

context and audience portfolio 1 draft 2- 26/10/2018


Final major Project Presentation

Final Major Project 2018


Progress Trackers and Peer Review.

Completed Progress Tracker Portfolio

Progress Tracker Portfolio



Progress Trackers

Week 2 5th of March

Week 3 – 12th of March

Week 4 -19th of March progress trackers and peer review

Week 5- 26th of March




Unit 8


Tireak Nawezi: Finished Portfolio



tireakn 11/03/18 Draft 2

tireakn 17/03/18 Draft 3

tireakn 19/03/18 Draft 4

tireakn 26/03/18 Draft 5

tireakn 10/04/18 Draft 6

tireakn 21/04/18 Draft 7

tireakn 28/04/18 Draft 8

tireakn 05/05/18 Draft 9

tireakn 22/05/18 Draft 10


who I am task


Trimester 2

Tireakn 9th Febuary 2018


Tireakn 7th January draft 1 


Tireak 18.Jan Draft 2


Tireak 19.jan draft 3  


Tireak 25.jan draft 4


Tireak 29.Jan draft 5







End of term portifolo

developing-skills-portfolio-level-3-tireak-nawezi-draft-finshed portifolo

Level 3 Film and TV Portfolio

WEEK 1 – Framing and composition

I learned a lot this week it was different to what I thought what we were going to do. I have a understating now about framing and composition. Most of my work, work well because we study them before we went out to the practice with what we learned. There was a lot I learned throughout the first week, I was happy a bit stress but I need to take a step back and understand and keep it simple and not over complicated myself.



Profile Draft







developing-skills-portfolio-level-3-tireak-nawezi-week 11 and 12





Final Major Project Weekly Reflection.

Week 1: Pitch & Proposal

For my final major project I was going to do to continue my trimester one music video but then over the half term I thought i want to change up a bit so I went back to the drawing board. I had a few different idea’s like, music, money, exams to explore for my final major project i took me a while to come up with on of these subjects.  It took me days to find a subject it was annoying as i had a lot on my mind to do with the final major project.

I was going to do pop culture  but it was to broad to do. I narrowed the subject pop culture even down but it was to board to do what I was going to i was going to film a music video where a young boy go through the years and encounters different event in the 20 and 21st century, but then from my tutor he said the idea was good but the concept was to big. I went through my idea and i agreed with my tutor and i to thought of something else. I thought of doing a subject that i have done throughout the year, racism. I went with idea with racism and the theme around it took me a while to come up with idea as the other concept’s were to big i’m going to write a screenplay to do with a story I wrote early in the year. It took me a few day in the holiday to come up with a pitch for my final major project, I had to change my pitch at the last minute as I changed my idea i came up with a rap for my final major project, next time i need to plan my idea before I go a head with what i going to do. next thing I have do is a lot of research for my project.

final major project idea

Week 2: Research Investigation

I started my Research and had to explore my subject on racism. I had to most research for my piece and there was lot to research for my research.

It took me ages to do logline. To come up with the right logline, i tried a lot of logline through-out the week it tried some at home and some during class. I came up with 9 to 12 logline but I had to restart again and again i was so annoyed. I have looked at other logline as an inspiration for my logline. It taking me days to figure out a decent logline. I wrote my own logline from famous films as a task to help with my logline and for my research it was harder then it seems. for next time no to get to work up about finding the right logline. It was hard the logline even giving it to my tutor.

I had to watch some slave, films and Eddie Murphy film’s I wrote notes for some of  his films they will help me for the weeks to come it took me a while to pick the right film 1999 film life was an influences for my screenplay and I wrote notes for this film. I watched cloud atlas to help with the dialogue as the film go through all different era’s it was hard cause what i was exploring to do with dialogue is a-level, university work. I used my research plan as i guide through-out my pieces but for the future i need to stick to the plan as some of the resources that I wrote down i didn’t use and it made it all difficult to when i collect all the information together. For the next activity i need to experiment with all my research that i have found and start experiment with script writing and i’m going to continuing with research and collecting more information for the next task.

Week 3: The Experiment

I experiment with a logline for my story I was so angry that I didn’t get my logline to the fittest. I was happy cause i came up with the perfect logline for my screenplay. I started to write my script it took ages to learn how to write a script. i had read a lot of book, and study how script works. I have done outline of all of my film screenplay and i am only done a section of the film. I quickly did this experiment I thing next time I need to take more time with it. For the next activity i will have to start getting everything ready to start my production.


Week 4: Pre Production

I started writing my script it took me a while to start the whole thing. for my next activity is to start my production i started of on the wrong foot but I got guide by my tutor and I follow what my tutor said. For the next activity i’m going to continue with my screenplay.

Week 5: Production

I’m continuing my script. my tutor gave me back my script there was a lot of fault within the piece i was annoyed but my tutor said this is hardest thing to get right is a screenplay and it takes a long to come up with the final product but cause i was only doing a section of a film I took time with it. For the next activity i’m going to continue with my screenplay.

Week 6: Production

I’m in the middle of writing the script and i just getting this proof read and i’m using my research and i’m explore with it for me to continuing my script . For the next activity i’m going to continue with my screenplay.

Week 8: Post Product

I have had my script proof read and check over by my tutors he gave the feedback i was happy when i got it back cause i need feedback from someone that has done this before. I got back my last draft from my tutor i read thought’s as he checked all my fault i was happy with my mistake. I’m continuing with my script and i’m doing all my own proof reading till I upload my project. For the next week I have to finish all my level 2 document and get everything ready for it to be uploads.


Week 9: Final Product

I went through all of my script and i upload to my blog as i was happy what I did for this trimester. For the next week I will have finished all my level 2 document ready and capturing everything and get everything ready for it to be uploads.

WORD   SCREENPLAY Final Major Project

PDF   SCREENPLAY Final Major Project – Copy

WORD level-22

PDF  level-22 – Copy


Week 10: Evaluation and Deadline

I had to reflect and it finished writing my blogs of what I have done throughout the weeks. I think I have learnt lot of this trimester and through the year.

I wrote a screenplay of a section of a book that I wrote, I choose this story because the story cause it affect the world and it close to real life. I have learnt how to write dialogue as I have never wrote detailed dialogue before and how different ways to write and different write style from different era’s, I have learned how to write a script and how you suppose to lay it out, how a script works, the different formula’s you have to use before you can write a script it take a long time to write a script. Writing skill and finding my writing style for my script, as I had to look at a few other writer’s I had to look up for my script and take their writing style. I used different skills to help with my script like, writing, writing editing those were the skill I had use.

What I would have done differently is to take more time to write the script my timing was not grateful as I was contracting on my logline, next time not get mad about my logline it took me a while to come up with my logline but I got there in the end with a little bit of help the logline took out a big chunk of this trimester the time it took to come up with it was on edge but I have learned for the next time I come up with a logline. The concept behind the idea work well within my piece what I want to do the script I was proud of what did.

It was a big project to undertake but I got there in the end. If I had longer with this project, I would experiment more and I would continue with my script by adding more to my script, also I would have gone more in to depth with my characters and the story that I made and explore my story.

I have done what I have set out to do on what I now know what to take away from this activity and I now know what a lot of screenwriter’s have to do before it even get filmed. I learnt a lot from this trimester I learner more as creative I learned how to write and using my own style to write. I would like to learn more about script writing for the future.

23/06/2017 deadline

Lore Project Trimster 2 Evolution.

Are project was lore, we had to make an interactive book also had to We did stop motion piece for the book  I choose peter pan as my story. I choose these story because the story is very close to my real life because I am a kid that does want to grown up and want to stay a kid forever, his trimester and it was different to what I expected. I went on to PowerPoint to do the interactive book and I used the feature in the setting to do some of the interactive parts for my book and I filmed my stop motion it took me a while to think on how I was going to do this but I had change my idea a few times but the final part work. I learnt how stop-motion work and some history about how stop-motion was made and how it could be used in my book. writing skill and finding my writing style for my book as I had to look at a few other writer to look up to for my book. I used different to skill to help with my interactive book. My story work well with my page design and it work with the interactive book. If I had longer I would experiment with the stop-motion and I would find more I can do with stop-motion sequence, I change my ideas a lot through the trimester that make it a little bit harder for me. Go more in depth with my characters and the story that I made explore my story. I learned a lot from this trimester I learner more as creative I learned how to write and using my own style to write.




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